Speaker: Rev. Bryan Plude

Living the Journey

Join Rev. Bryan for 30 minutes of readings, meditation, hymns, Native flute music, and a message related to our worship theme for July: Journey. As we progress through life, we have choices. Do we have a destination that excludes wandering, or is our life more … read more.

Becoming Indigenous

How might things be different if we weren’t always looking for the next new thing, the next place beyond the horizon? Native American elders think we do not live or act like settled people. Some scholars attribute our current social pathologies to our rootless past. … read more.

Acceptance and Moral Ambiguity

How are we called to be accepting when the answers are not clear? A federal appeals court recently upheld a law in Ohio making it illegal for doctors to perform abortions based on a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome. This ruling poses a dilemma for … read more.

This Is Our Home

In the early days of the pandemic, after the world shut down, it was hard not to notice cleaner air; we could hear birdsong previously lost in city noise. In the rush to resume normal life, will we forget to be mindful? Will we forget … read more.

Window on Respect

Respect is often seen as deference to status or hierarchy. Alternately, respect can foster symmetry, empathy, and connection. This is what Joseph Jordan may have felt when he became the first Black Universalist minister in 1889. This may be what Luis McGee felt in 1961 … read more.

Respect and the Home

“We abuse the land because we see it as a commodity,” wrote the great conservationist Aldo Leopold. We abuse each other because we see the “other” as not part of our community. Only when we expand our notion of what is “home,” will we treat … read more.