Speaker: Rev. Bryan Plude

Respect and the Home

“We abuse the land because we see it as a commodity,” wrote the great conservationist Aldo Leopold. We abuse each other because we see the “other” as not part of our community. Only when we expand our notion of what is “home,” will we treat … read more.

The Shy Soul

Parker Palmer speaks of the soul as a wild animal, shy, keeping itself hidden. To see a wild animal, we must wait patiently and quietly, and be prepared to look from the corners of our eyes. We are not talking about the Christian concept of … read more.

Love Mercy

“Love mercy,” said the prophet Micah in the Hebrew Bible. The one who showed mercy was the neighbor, said Jesus to his disciples, after telling the parable of the good Samaritan. To be merciful is often not an easy nor a safe choice. How are … read more.

Offering Consolation

We are all connected. Our own wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of all. How can our church community contribute to the wellbeing of our Chico Community? We will explore our housing crisis and a plan for action. Worship Associate – Megan Johnson, Music – Mary … read more.

Maintaining Hope

In a time when Progress, the mantra of Enlightenment thinking, seems increasingly mythological, how do we maintain hope? Spiritual leaders throughout the ages have sustained hope through spiritual practice, cultivating compassion, giving thanks and often, a sense of humor. Worship Leader Rev. Bryan Plude, … read more.

Desolation and Consolation

There is certainly desolation present in the zeitgeist of the human and earth community, more than any one of us should face alone. Community helps! In addition to the benefits, a difficult thing about sabbatical was being separated from the UUFC community. I will speak … read more.