Another Voice on Reason

Our Unitarian faith was built on the primacy of reason. We will continue to explore this month’s topic, Reason, with the presentation of a sermon by a UU minister other than our Rev. Bryan. We’ll also enjoy live music by our new Pianist, Chris Perske!

Sharing Our Losses

Each of us, our community, our state, our world, continue to suffer losses in ways inconceivable just a few years ago. We will name and honor those losses in ritual and in readings. Rev. Bryan will speak on the role of reason, our monthly theme, … read more.

Annual Ingathering

We have journeyed far since the beginning of the pandemic. How has water sustained us? Share your stories in our interactive water communion celebrating the beginning of our church year. Help us celebrate with in-person worship or by joining us through Zoom. Join us 10 … read more.

Services from prior years: