Window on Respect

Respect is often seen as deference to status or hierarchy. Alternately, respect can foster symmetry, empathy, and connection. This is what Joseph Jordan may have felt when he became the first Black Universalist minister in 1889. This may be what Luis McGee felt in 1961 when he became the first Black Unitarian Universalist minister to lead a white congregation. This congregation. This is the type of respect we aspire to show each other. It is the respect we aspire to show our unhoused population in Chico. Worship Associate – Merrily Stover, Zoom Host – Pam Sachs, Music – Pam Sachs and Margaret Aumann.

**At today’s coffee hour, please join us for a pre-recorded presentation by Caring Choices, the non-profit organization coordinating the microshelters that could potentially go on our church grounds, followed by a question & answer session. Bring your questions!**