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September 27


Martin Luther King warned us that “the long arc of  the moral universe bends toward justice”.  However he did not tell us it would be THIS long. The end of the Jim Crowe murders and intimidations slowly disappeared with the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s resulting in landmark legislation and historical Supreme Court decisions. Until this year with the homicide of George Floyd (and many other black men) and the birth of Black Lives Matter, the progress of racial justice had been slowed if not stymied.   In our society, expression of white systemic prejudice leads to violence toward African Americans.  However, it appears that something has awakened in white people to demand that changes MUST be made in police training, educational opportunities, housing policies and many other public programs that discriminate against African Americans. However, I am not so sure.  There is one important action that is below the radar that is needed to build sustainable Racial Justice in our society. What is that missing piece?  Join Worship Leader Tom Lewis to find out.  Mary Collins, Songleader and Nick Arteaga, Pianist.


October 4


We will join UUC Santa Rosa, Napa Valley UU’s, the UU Congregation of Marin, and UU Petaluma in a joint service led by ministers Rev. Chris Bell, Rev. Leisa Huyck, Rev. Marcus Liefert, and Rev. Dara Olandt–as well as a host of musicians and worship associates from the various congregations.   Zoom link will be posted as soon as it is known.