Is Environmental Justice a Pipe Dream?

In theory, environmental justice — spreading environmental hazards equally among all people regardless of race or ethnicity, economic status, political leanings and the like — is an important component of the broader UU commitment to social justice. To explore this topic, in this session we can discuss several factors, such as:

  • The realities of disproportionate impacts of air and water pollution, hazardous waste dumps, agricultural pesticides, and climate change effects on low-income communities (such as migrant ag workers) and people of color.
  • How these factors play out in our own community as we grapple with issues such as homelessness.

Lots to think about here! Discussion led by Bev McMillan.

After the discussion, you are welcome to share snacks and drinks on the outdoor patio.

If you are interested in leading a Summer Sunday Discussion, please call David Strohmeyer at (530) 413-5699 or email