Special Remembrance

May 30-June 6, 2021: UUFC is displaying a banner in remembrance of people who died in Chico this past year while living without housing. Faith Lutheran Church created the banner and it is being displayed at numerous Chico churches. View a larger photo on our homepage (2nd frame in the slideshow).


Our congregation is committed to supporting solutions to both local and larger issues. Along with our fellow congregations of the Chico Interfaith Council, UUFC supports efforts to help people who are experiencing homelessness.

Micro Shelters  

A SJC subcommittee is actively working with Caring Choices, other churches, and the City of Chico to have UUFC and others host micro shelters on our properties. UUFC’s role is one of community organizing and hosting micro shelters. These shelters, like the ones pictured here, would provide temporary shelter for unhoused neighbors while they seek more permanent housing. Stay tuned for updates!

Tiny Homes

UUFC recently purchased a Tiny Home and will locate it on a property, once the property is identified, to provide another unhoused neighbor with shelter. Many UUFC members and friends also are committed supporters of CHAT – Chico Housing Action Team, which is deeply committed to a tiny homes village or some other low-cost alternative housing model especially for unsheltered seniors.

Community Support

SJC members also participate in the Greater Chico Homeless Task Force to support the larger effort to ensure housing justice in Chico, and the Community Housing Improvement Project (CHIP) which serves a multi-county region.