Imagine a religion where people with different beliefs worship as one faith …
Where religious inspiration comes from not one but many spiritual sources …
Where there's a home for people who simply can't accept what they've always been asked to believe.

If you believe religion should be more than a narrow statement of faith, that it should have more than one answer, and that the mystery of creation can be acknowledged without having to be named, maybe Unitarian Universalism is right for you.

Many people have come to Unitarian Universalism after realizing that the religious beliefs they were taught as a child do not seem valid in their adult life. Others come because, as part of a couple with different religious beliefs or backgrounds, they can find a religious home acceptible to both. Still others seek a compatible, supportive, spiritual home after major life changes such as divorce, birth of a child, widowhood or moving to a new town.  Many people with non- traditional sexual orientation find an accepting religious and social environment in UU churches.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Chico is a comfortable, welcoming liberal religious home for people who:

  • Seek a religion without required doctrine or belief
  • Seek a place to develop their personal spirituality
  • Tend to use reason and intellect as a basis for their religious thinking
  • Seek inspiration for living their daily lives as well as possible
  • Are open-minded
  • Value diversity and social justice for all
  • Revere the natural environment
  • Want to be part of a religion that helps those less fortunate without proselytizing
  • Are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transexual or otherwise feel unwelcome in traditional churches
  • Seek religious education for their children that teaches lasting spiritual and ethical values rather than dogma and fear

Visit us for a Sunday Service. While you are here, pick up information from our pamphlet rack. Ask for a Visitor's Packet of information.