Below you will find some of the interactive gatherings that the UU puts on regularly. 



The many smaller group gatherings listed here, help us build a well-connected community.  They let us explore, share, and enjoy with greater time than we can in the Sunday service or large coffee-social afterwards.  When we focus on a personal interest and establish connections with like-minded people, we're strengthening our individual knowledge of the fellowship. 


Men’s Breakfast - Every Thursday, 9am

There’s always room for one or two more at the 9 am Men’s Breakfast every Thursday. We gather at Jack’s Restaurant on Main Street in Chico. We don’t have set agendas as we aim for lively, unplanned conversations. Any number of topics may arise during the day’s meal. We hope to see some of the newer folks at UUFC drop in for crisp bacon, hot coffee and a big welcome. Gary Collier  342-6087



Dinners for Eight -Varies

We’ve found over the years that almost any group of 8 people who attend our UUFC “Dinners for 8” will enjoy the compelling conversations that emerge. The structure is simple: the host who provides the house also provides the main dish. All others contribute appetizers, side dishes and dessert. The topics roam through the interests, questions and experiences of the people at the table. We set up two to three Dinners per year. The UUFC Announcements provides details! 






Bridge Group - First Sunday,  2 pm 

Our goal for gathering is lively, spirited card playing rather than Grand Master points! We meet in the Fellowship Hall at 2 pm on the first Sunday of each month. We’re a mixture of skill levels and particularly welcome novices to the game! Our play is feisty as well as educational. Bob Hood 530-327-7711



Wayward Mind Book Group - Third Wednesday,  7pm 

The Wayward Mind Book Discussion Group investigates how our brains work in making decisions.  We seek understanding of the unfathomable differences in worldview marking our current national discussions.  If the books of Malcolm Gladwell, Oliver Saks and Daniel Kahneman prompt you to exclaim, “How could that be?”, then you may be “one of us!”  We love discussing books that test, as Kahneman wrote, “our almost unlimited ability to ignore our ignorance.”  Larry Jendro 533-1413



No Guilt Bookclub - Fourth Thursday, 7 pm 

We welcome everyone and every subject! Our readers are both men and women, our books both fiction and non-fiction and our choices both current and classic!. Past books have included “Lincoln in the Bardo,” “Between the World and Me,” and “Me Talk Pretty One Day.” We welcome your mind, your voice and your book suggestions! Danetta Cordova; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



WOW! Wild, Wonderful, Wise Older Women, aged 60+    Third Wednesday, 1-3pm
We love fun! We meet in the Fellowship Hall to sharpen our minds with games, field trips, stories and open discussions.  In the past we’ve visited art galleries, driven to Vina for a wine tasting, put on a Valentine’s party and held a board game day! There’s little pattern to our choices except our enthusiasm never waivers! Please note—No topic is Off Limits! Our gatherings vary in size but there’s always room to include you! Mary Collins; 530-570-8826