Junior Group (Grades K - 5 )

"Our Families"

Theme and Description:  The concept of "Being a Family" will be used as the framework to explore UU values and how we live them.  

Goals of the Junior program: Our goal is for children to appreciate their own family, develop a sense of UUism and our Fellowship as a church 'family', and begin to think of our world community as 'family' as well.

  • The child's own family:  Family structures have taken on new and varied forms.  We are in the process of learning about, understanding, and accepting these changes. Because 'family' means so many different things, we hope to give each child a sense of belonging to a unique and precious familly, as real as any other. We want to develop understanding of how in good times or in bad, families interact through working and playing together, and by loving, caring for and supporting each other.
  • Our UU Familly:  The curriculum will expand the concept of family to include our church family
  • The larger community:  The children will appreciate their belonging to much larger communities as family.

This curriculum may include some home activities that parents and kids can do together to prepare for classes.

Youth Group (Grades 5 - 8) Curriculum

"The Questing Year"

Theme and Description:  This curriculum involves four 'quests': the Mystery Quest, the Inner Quest, the Action Quest, and the UU Quest. 

Goal:  These units will help the children ask and develop their own answers to deep llife questions about human faith and the web of all existence. 

This curriculum includes music and meditation to experience religious mystery, exploration of self, and a social action project.

Infants, Toddlers and Pre-school Ages

Care for the little ones is lovingly provided by an experienced mother and her teen-aged daughter.